About NewsMutt

Hello – you’ve found me. NewsMutt. Clearly not my actual name, but one that’s stuck with me down the years. I’m a journalist living and working in Nottingham in the UK. My day job is in radio, which is why you’ll find plenty of blog posts on here relating to the industry.

But my real love is travel – exploring places at my own pace and sharing my trips with you.

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On the menu buttons you’ll find links to the places I’ve been, and each category usually covers a trip lasting several days. Sometimes you’ll hear from the people I’ve met along the way – otherwise it’s very much my personal view.

A couple of disclaimers. The travel is completely different from my main job and I don’t get paid to write reviews. Nor do I accept gifts in exchange for a favourable post. What you see is what you get – and these are my views, not those of my employers.

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